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Beautiful Burger Buns

Grilling season is upon us and I’ve decided that rather than buying buns this summer I’m going to make them.  Armed with this recipe and this pan from King Arthur Flour’s Baker’s Catalogue, I made my very first batch of hamburger buns.

I forgot to let the butter come to room temperature, so I used this butter gun contraption that turns sticks of butter into ribbons. The ribbons warmed up to room temperature very quickly and I was able to easily incorporate the butter into the dough.

After the initial rise, the dough was shaped into 4.5oz balls and placed in the bun pan to proof for another hour.

I brushed the dough with butter and baked them for 18 minutes at 375F. They came out pretty nice, don't you think?

Bun bottom. I was actually worried they would be burned based on the golden edges, but the pan is so heavy it shielded them from the heat quite nicely.

Crumb shot! The buns had a really great texture and aroma.

Bri was in charge of the burgers. They came out delicious but very thick!

These buns were fantastic. Slightly buttery, very soft with just the right amount of chewiness. If you've considered making your own hamburger buns, give this recipe a try. It will definitely be my go to recipe this summer.