BBA Challenge – Foccacia

After reading other BBA’ers comments on Foccacia, I knew I was in for an experience.  Nearly everyone raved about this bread.  I mean RAVED.  Couldn’t stop eating it and talking about how awesome it was.  They did not lead me astray.  This Foccacia is “OMG GOOD”.  Bri and I kept walking past the bread board and slicing another little hunk off.  The herbs, the oil… the texture!  It was such a perfect package my mouth is watering just remembering how fantastic it was.  If you are searching for the perfect foccacia recipe – look no further.  Get thee to the nearest bookstore and find yourself a copy of The Bread Baker’s Apprentice.  Now.  Go.  Seriously.  Anytime you waste now is time spent without this foccacia.

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