Baltimore Photoshoot

Adam and I are fortunate enough to be sponsored by Custom Performance Engineering and while we were down in the area for the weekend visiting the shop for a dyno day, we went out with Paula into the Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore for a little photoshoot.  Fun times.  Photos were taken on the ride down, a Fells Point parking deck, and dyno day.

Mazda/Subaru Cruise @ Bear Mountain

We started out at Bear Mountain State Park for lunch then took a nice cruise around the Palisades.  Finished the day down at the boat basin below the George Washington Bridge on the NJ side where we stumbled on a mr2 meet.  Great day for sure.

I ♥ Cars!

I love photography.  I love cars.  So it’s only logical that I also love photographing cars.  Track days, Car shows, photoshoots & install days are all documents by yours truly and will be found here.  You can also check out the list of car pages (located in the side bar on the right).  These pages represent cars that I frequently photograph.