Random Photos

Playing around with studio lighting

I was charged with doing some product photography at work last month, so I figured it was prudent to take some test shots 😉

Baby Gift!

I crocheted this hat, no scratch mittens & booties for a friend’s baby.  The want to be surprised about the sex of the baby, hence the yellow and green! 🙂

Crochet Turtle

I made this crochet turtle for my neice for christmas.  I got the instructions from Ana Paula Rimoli’s book “Amigurumi Two“.  Take a peak at what is stored inside this turtle’s shell 🙂

A Few Favorites

Just a few photos that made me happy…

Fun with Film?

That’s right.  I said film.  I set my Canon DSLR aside in favor of a 1972 Nikkormat EL equipped with a 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor lens and a roll of Kodak 400 speed black and white film.  Surprisingly, I was able to locate a PDF of the original owner’s manual (Which I needed because I couldn’t figure out how to open the back of the camera.  LOL)  Here’s some of my favorites…