Kyle Joseph

My nephew Kyle was born on may 28th.  Here’s some pictures from our last visit in August while he was hanging out with Uncle Bri.

Audrey vs. Cat Camera

I spent some time with my nearly 2 year old niece, Audrey.  She loves anything that makes noise so I let her play with my Holga Cat Camera.  There’s a button on the face of the camera and when pushed the camera makes various cat sounds and lights up.

Audrey’s Easter Photos

Photos of my niece Audrey for her second Easter.  Enjoy!


Dinner with friends.

Giant food is giant.

Formal & Formidable

Hau, Nam, Bri & I went to cheer on our friend Matt at a rec league basketball game last Wednesday. Like all good athletic supporters, we came armed with posters. While most people would bring along a poster that supports the players, Nam chose to go a different route…